Le Mans: Who?, When?, Where? - The Back Room Staff.

Le Mans: Who?, When? Where?, was started by Ian Gowland Jones in 2015 as a Facebook forum to get like minded people who are passionate about Le Mans and endurance racing in general.

The Facebook page has quietly gathered a following from around the globe. It was initially for people going to the 24hr? to find out who's on your campsite, make some useful friends and share any inside info!.

With help from Cheryl, the two Ians, Yasin and Mike they have run the site these past years. Come forward to 2017 when Ian Chicken decided to build the site template This has now setup a internet presence for the group. Adding to this various other social media has been setup to further increase the groups reach, be it on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Google+ or Pinterest.

Find out a little about us all below.

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