Haywood's Hill is a serene, peaceful RV park and campground with gorgeous views of the Austin skyline and the Del Valle airport. My park is located on a grassy field in Del Valle, TX. Interest in using my land as an RV park sprang up quickly when a new F1 racetrack, Circuit of the Americas, was built adjacent to the property. My park is now a well-known attraction in the area, and people have lots of fun here.

My RV park is situated next to the southeast portion of the racetrack, and the people in my park watch some of the most exciting car racing around here. Circuit of the Americas is a 3.4 mile track, and my property sits next to what many consider to be the most interesting area to watch. There are many different racing events held here throughout the year.

Haywood's Hill overlooks turn 10 and 11, and the long straightaway that approaches turn 12. Many of my frequent visitors say that this is the best place available to watch a race. My RV park slopes majestically down towards the racetrack, and the elevation provides an unmatched viewing experience. My park is the closest RV camp facility that has views of the track.

I am proud to offer a clean, fun, safe campground for people to have tailgate parties, hook up their RVs, and enjoy life. My park is open 24 hours a day. Haywood's Hill: A great place to hang out. I only accept cash, and I offer free tailgating for veterans. Ask me today for more information about my campground and RV hookup sites

Courtesy The Haywoods,

We Stayed at Haywards Hill, which is a private camp ground not run by COTA, but by a Mr Don Hayward, a most enthusiastic and hospitable gentleman. His land actually attaches to the track right by turn 11, the view is very good, as you can see the track from Turn 9 through to 12.

Its a little off the beaten track but is definitely the place to be for races.

To get there you need to drive down ELROY ROAD until you see the signs for the Car parks of COTA the one you want is P L/M, drive in there and you will see a fenced off area with a Barn in it, Mr Haywood is in the Fenced off Land to the left of this (the one with a house on it) drive in there and follow the track to his spot,once there he will come out and see you.

Courtesy Ian Chicken.

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