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Silverstone Circuit is built on the site of the 1943 World War II RAF bomber station, RAF Silverstone. Using the classic WWII triangle format, the runways lie within the outline of the present track. The track has undergone many chnages since its first use in 1947

Silverstone Circuit was first used for motorsport in 1947. That September an ad hoc group of friends set up an impromptu race.
Knowing that the aurfield was deserted at the time a local from Silverstone village Maurice Geoghegan gathered eleven other people and raced around the then two mile circuit.

In 1948 the a lese for the for porperty was taken out by the RAC, who the set out to turn the airfield into a formal racing circuit.
The origianla track was actually the airfield runways to start with. However, by 1949 a dedicated track was designed so that it could hold the International Trophy meeting.
During 1950 and 1951 the layout was used for the first Grand Prix. It was in 1952 that the design was then changed with the tracks start finish line being moved. This layout was then kept in this configurarion until 1975.

That year to try and help with speed reductions at woodcote on the circuit a chicane was introduced at bridge Between 1990 and 1991 the disgn of thew track underwent some major changes. In 1994 after deaths of Senna and Ratzenberger saftey measure were called for and as a consequence of these Copse, Stowe, Abbey and Priory corners were all re-profiled to be slower with increased run off.

August 2007 a £25m redevelopment of the circuit was approved. This was for various change including Grandstands Pits and other major developments. but in 2008 F1 decicded to move in 2010 to Donnington Park putting pressure on Silverstone.

Moto GP moved to silverstone the following year. untilising a reprofiled track.

After MotoGP announced its move Formula 1 said it would use Silverstone if Donnington was not ready to accept the British Grand Prix. later that year Donnington annouced that it was not able to meet its commitments and failed in getting the funding it needed and as such Silverstone was then asked to take over F1 duties.

In 2011 the new Pit complex was opened, for use by the Formula 1 teams. That year also saw the bridge section of the track decommissioned.

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Track Layout and Changes
  • Grand Prix Circuit

    Length: 3.661 miles.

  • Bridge GP Circuit:

    Length: 3.194 miles.

  • National Circuit

    Length: 1.640 miles.

  • International Circuit

    Length: 1.851 miles.

  • Stowe Circuit

    Length: 1.080 miles.

  • 1948:

    The original 1948 circuit, utilising the main and second runways. Lap record: Luigi Villoresi, Maserati, 2:52.0 (1948 British Grand Prix)

  • 1949 to 1951:

    The circuit was now run on the airport perimeter roads. Track length: 4.649km. Lap record: José Froilán González, Ferrari, 1:43.4 (1951 British Grand Prix)

  • 1952 to 1974:

    Following the relocation of the pits area. Track length: 4.711km. Lap record: Ronnie Peterson, Lotus-Ford, 1:16.3 (1973 British Grand Prix) This configuration was used by Grand Prix motorcycle racing until 1986.

  • 1975 to 1986:

    with the Woodcote Chicane in place to reduce speeds through Woodcote Corner. Track length: 4.718km. Lap record: Keke Rosberg, Williams-Honda, 1:05.591 (1985 British Grand Prix)

  • 1987 to 1988:

    with the Bridge Chicane in place to reduce speeds through Woodcote Corner. Track length: 4.778km. Lap record: Nelson Piquet, Williams-Honda, 1:07.110 (1987 British Grand Prix)

  • 1989:

    The National Circuit was created by the addition of Brooklands and a short straight connecting to the Bridge chicane. The South Circuit was also constructed in 1989 and used for testing. An oval track was also built between Brooklands and Woodcote.

  • 1989:

    In 1989 the Woodcote Chicane was used for some national level meetings including the British Touring Car Championship. The 1989 configuration had a greater radius to the left hand apex than the 1975-1986 chicane. New tarmac was laid inside the first apex, and the pit entry lane was routed further right as a consequence.

  • 1990:

    The Woodcote Chicane was once again decommissioned.

  • 1991 to 1993:

    Major redesign to the circuit: Copse radius increased; Maggotts and Becketts esses; Stowe, Vale and Club complex; elevation change beyond Abbey; and Bridge, Priory, Brookands and Luffield complex. Track length: 5.226 km. Lap record: Nigel Mansell, Williams- Renault, 1:18.965 (1992 British Grand Prix)

  • 1994:

    Copse tightened; Maggotts and Becketts resurfaced; Stowe tightened with Vale straightened into tighter Club left apex; Abbey Chicane added; and Priory slower and moved closer to Bridge. Pit entry also rerouted more safely behind wall. Track length: 5.057 km. Lap record: Damon Hill, Williams- Renault, 1:24.960 (1994 British Grand Prix)

  • 1995:

    Tarmac from 1991 Vale section removed leaving only 1994 reroute. Left/right kink on entry to Brooklands on National circuit straightened.

  • 1996:

    Stowe corner re-profiled to its present fast sweep. International circuit is built over the existing South circuit. Track length: 5.072 km. Lap record: Damon Hill, Williams-Renault, 1:26.875 (1996 British Grand Prix)

  • 1997 to 1998:

    Major redesign to Copse, Priory, Brooklands and Luffield, resulting in a faster track. Classic circuit created with extra route at Club. Nearly all old track and runway close to the current circuit was dug up or demolished at this time. Track length: 5.140km. Lap record: Jacques Villeneuve, Williams-Renault, 1:21.598 (1997 British Grand Prix)

  • 1999:

    Ireland chicane bypass created on International circuit.

  • 2000 to 2002:

    Straight line pit lane entry created.

  • 2003:

    New section inside Luffield with chicane at Woodcote created for motorbikes.

  • 2004 to 2009:

    Pit exit lane length reduced. Track length: 5.141km. Lap record: Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull-Renault, 1:18.119, (2009 British Grand Prix)

  • 2010:

    New infield "Arena" section was added to the layout, while Bridge and Priory corners are suppressed. Club re-profiled to allow grid boxes to be in line. Motorbike circuit inside Luffield removed.

  • 2011 – present:

    The pit lane was moved to the straight connecting Club and Abbey corners, making Abbey the new first corner.

Race Winners
Year Car Drivers Distance Speed
Km Kph
2004 LMS 1000Km Audi R8 A. McNish, p.Kaffer 1002.348 180.263
2005 LMS 1000Km Audi R8 A. McNish, S.Ortelli 776.177 132.626
2007 LMS 1000Km Peugeot 908 HDi FAP N.Minassian, M.Gené . 176.003
2008 LMS 1000Km Audi R10 TDI R.Capello, A.McNish . 176.696
2009 LMS 1000Km Oreca 01 AIM N.Lapierre, O.Panis . 182.673
2010 LMS 1000Km Peugeot 908 HDi-FAP N.Minassian, A.Davidson . 192.777
2011 LMS/ILMC Peugeot 908 HDi-FAP S.Pagenaud, S.Bourdais . 198.900
. . .
2012 WEC Audi R18 e-tron quattro M.Fässler, A.Lotterer B.Tréluyer 1142.660 190.100
2013 WEC Audi R18 e-tron quattro L.Duval, T.Kristensen, A.McNish 1160.330 193.400
2014 WEC Toyota TS040 Hybrid S.Buemi, A.Davidson, N.Lapierre 983.760 182.900
2015 WEC Audi R18 e-tron quattro M.Fässler, A.Lotterer B.Tréluyer 1186.100 197.400
2016 WEC Porsche 919 Hybrid R.Dumas, N.Jani S.Lieb 1144.790 189.800
2017 WEC Toyota TS050 Hybrid S.Buemi, A.Davidson, K.Nakajima 1162.490 193.500
. . .
2013 ELMS Zytek Z11SN Nissan S.Dolan, O.Turvey 282.720 125.300
2014 ELMS Morgan LM P2 Nissan C.Gommendy, P.Thiriet, Badey 695.110 173.400
2015 ELMS Gibson 015S Nissan Hirsch, Lancaster, Wirdheim 696.310 173.200
2016 ELMS Gibson 015S Nissan S.Dolan H.Tincknell G.Van Der Garde 696.310 172.800
2017 ELMS Ligier JSP217 Gibson W.Owen, Sadeleer, P.Albuquerque 743.520 184.800
. . .
2006 FIA GT3 Ferrari F430 GT3 Simonsen, Lester . .
2007 FIA GT3 Ferrari F430 GT3 Moser, Vannelet . .
2008 FIA GT3 Ford GT Khan, Mutsch . .
2009 FIA GT3 Aston Martin DBRS9 Accary, Rodrigues . .
2010 FIA GT3 Porsche 997 GT3 R Cunill, J.Bergmeister . .
2011 BES BMW Z4 Palttala, B.Leinders, Martin . 165.200
2012 BES BMW Z4 Palttala, B.Leinders, Martin . 143.300
2013 BES Aston Martin Vantage GT3 D.Turner, F.Makowiecki S.Mucke . 167.400
2014 BES Bentley Continental GT3 S.Smith S.Kane, A.Meyrick . 163.600
2015 BES McLaren 650 S GT3 M.Bell, S.Van Gisbergen, K.Estre . 163.400
2016 BES Mercedes-AMG GT3 Baumann, Jaafar, M.Buhk . 161.700
2017 BES Lambourgini Huracan M.Bortolotti, A.Caldarelli, C.Engelhardt . .
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